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About Us

All vegetarians, vegans and non meat-eaters deserve a variety of pure vegetarian meat free products available to them. With that thought in mind, Veggie Divine Foods was born. The organisation has been founded by a family of vegetarians dedicated to providing quality, wholesome, healthy vegetarian products for the community. All products are 100% meat free and produced under stringent conditions to ensure freshness and quality in every product.

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Our Story

Starting from the family kitchen, both mum and dad shared a passion for creating wholesome, healthy and meat-free foods. Dinner time was always an experience with the dinner table always full up with interested neighbours and family members curious to sample the main course for the evening. Following this passion and encouragement from friends and family members, the ”Veggie Divine” brand was born. Those involved in the brand today are dedicated to sharing the same values and passion in order to provide both wholesome and fresh, meat free products to the community.

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Veggie Divine Foods are proud to be associated with the following organisations:
Vegan SA – the vegan-ism directory for South Africa ( Listings for vegans in South Africa, including restaurants, recipes, places to stay and shop, and which foods and other vegan products are available)

The Vegetarian Society of South Africa 

Happy Cow  – The healthy eating guide

PETA – People for the ethical treatment of animals.

The SA Vegan Society – Growing veganism in South Arica.

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