Our Story

Starting from the family kitchen, both mum and dad shared a passion for creating wholesome, healthy and meat-free foods. Dinner time was always an experience with the dinner table always full up with interested neighbours and family members curious to sample the main course for the evening. Following this passion and encouragement from friends and family members, the ”Veggie Divine” brand was born. Those involved in the brand today are dedicated to sharing the same values and passion in order to provide both wholesome and fresh, meat free products to the community.

Taste and quality underpin all that we do and we go to extreme measures to ensure that all our products are always produced to the highest quality. There is a stringent quality assurance process before the finished products are packaged and cold-chained to our customers. We try to ensure all our recipes are as simple as possible avoiding the use of genetically modified ingredients.

Every product is started off with divine inspiration and naturally positive vibrations during the manufacturing process. Our premises are totally meat free and do not contain any materials that could jeopardize the quality of our products.

At Veggie Divine Foods we are proud to share our passion for great tasting vegetarian food and remember “Going meatless doesn’t mean going Tasteless”.